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Studies have shown that most people finance new and used vehicles rather than pay for them outright with cash. Although the total number of people using auto financing changes all the time, it’s thought that somewhere in the neighborhood of 85% of people choose financing options when purchasing their vehicle.

If you’re thinking of buying a brand new Volkswagen, you should first take the time to learn about how auto financing in Marion, Illinois, works. It’s also a great idea to play around with an online car loan calculator that will give you a better indication of how financing a car will affect your monthly repayments on the vehicle.

What is auto financing?

If you would like to purchase a new or used car but you aren’t in a position to pay for it with cash, auto financing in Marion, Illinois, will enable you to achieve your goals. Auto finance will help you get your hands on the necessary funding to buy a car and then allow you to pay back the money you borrowed over time.

Sometimes, people will go directly through a car dealership to secure a car loan in Marion. You also have the option to seek car financing elsewhere if you would like, as there are lots of lenders out there that can provide a variety of auto loans. But whenever possible, it’s a great idea to go through a dealership like Volkswagen of Marion when you need a car loan. It makes the entire process of purchasing a vehicle go so much smoother than it might otherwise.

How does auto financing work?

Does the idea of using auto financing appeal to you? If it does, there’s a specific process you’ll need to go through to obtain a car loan from our dealership.

The following are the steps that you’ll need to take when applying for a car loan in Marion:

  1. Provide us with basic information about yourself, and let us know how much money you would like to borrow to buy a new or used car.
  2. Allow us to process your information and run a credit check to see how much money you qualify to borrow.
  3. Take a look at the loan terms we can provide for you, including the loan amount, annual percentage rate (APR), repayment period, and monthly payments.
  4. Decide whether or not you would like to accept the car loan we can offer you.
  5. Use a loan from us to buy the new or used car you want.

At the end of this process, you’ll also need to figure out how you plan to repay a car loan. You’ll be required to make a monthly repayment over a certain period to pay down your car loan balance.

Our auto finance calculator can help you see how much your monthly repayments will be based on various factors.

How does pre-approved auto financing work?

When you’re in the market for a new car, the last thing you want to do is fall in love with one, only to realize later that you can’t afford it. That’s why it makes so much sense for you to try to get pre-approved for auto financing.

At Volkswagen of Marion, we can help you pre-qualify for a car loan without it taking a toll on your credit. Just provide us with some information about yourself, and we can let you know how large of an auto loan you’ll be able to take out through us.

It’s well worth trying to pre-qualify for a car loan in Marion before you start shopping around for a vehicle that you like. It’ll make it possible for you to focus all your efforts on shopping for cars that you know will fit into your monthly budget.

Can I get auto financing with bad Credit?

There are millions of Americans who have bad credit. One recent report suggested that up to 16% of American adults have no credit score, and an even larger proportion have a low credit score.

Many lenders aren’t willing to roll the dice on people with bad credit when they apply for car loans. They’ll see these borrowers as being too risky and will deny their car loan requests more often than they deny requests from those with good or even just fair credit scores.

With all of that being said, you should know that you can get approved for auto financing in Marion, even if you do happen to have a bad credit score. Our dealership is more than willing to work with those who have bad credit to help them get the funds they need to buy a new or used car.

We offer auto financing for bad credit on a case-by-case basis and would love to speak with you more about your auto finance needs so that we can help you come up with the right solution to your car purchasing aspirations.

Get more information about auto financing

If you’re interested in potentially using auto financing in Marion, Illinois, to buy a new or used car, Volkswagen of Marion would love to assist you. We can speak more about car financing and show you how to apply for an auto loan today.

We specialize in working with those who have excellent credit, bad credit, and every kind of credit in between. We invite you to reach out to us today to get additional information on our auto finance services.

Contact us now to see how you can get approved for auto financing in no time so you can drive off the lot in your dream vehicle.

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