Volkswagen Roadside Assistance

Going through routine checks before driving off helps to prevent common car issues. However, you can’t tell when you’ll run over a nail, the battery will go low, or misplace the keys leaving you stranded on the road. With our VW of Marion roadside assistance, we’ll help you resume your journey in no time. Contact Volkswagen of Marion to learn more about how you can benefit from Volkswagen Roadside Assistance in your next vehicle.

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What is Volkswagen Roadside Assistance?

Also referred to as breakdown cover, roadside assistance is an essential service that gets you going immediately after a mechanical breakdown, irrespective of your location or time. At VW of Marion, we’re a call away from getting you going after suffering car failure or collision.

Which vehicles are eligible for Volkswagen Roadside Assistance?

All certified pre-owned and new Volkswagen vehicles get complimentary roadside assistance. Here’s how the Volkswagen roadside assistance works:

However, for cars with expired cover, their two years road assistance cover begins from their purchase date. 

What are the benefits of roadside assistance?

Imagine hearing a distinct hiss or pop of a deflating tire in a deserted location. Without roadside assistance, you’ll probably get stuck for hours before any help comes through. But with our roadside assistance program, help is only a phone call away. We dispatch our professionals immediately for your rescue. Road assistance saves you money when hiring mechanics or towing services from different contractors. In addition, your vehicle’s warranty remains intact when certified technicians fix the car. 

Services included with Volkswagen Roadside Assistance

Although timely car service protects your car from major mechanical issues, it’s difficult to avoid unexpected car issues while driving. Is it worth having roadside assistance? Whether you drive a new or manufacturer refurbished Volkswagen car, a roadside assistance plan gives you peace of mind in case of a breakdown. Is it worth having roadside assistance? We bet you need it. Here are some misfortunes this service will save you from.

Dead Battery

Has the battery failed to start and there’s no one willing to help? Don’t worry because we will dispatch our experts to jumpstart your car shortly. For serious battery issues, we can tow the car for further checks and battery replacement.

Lockout Service

Did you lock the car with the keys inside? Upon your request, we shall immediately send an operator to help you gain access to the car at no cost. However, we are not liable for damage incurred from the entry attempt. Where car access turns out to be cumbersome, we’ll help you tow the car to an authorized Volkswagen dealer.

Flat Tire

Got a tire puncture in the middle of nowhere? We understand that changing your tire yourself can leave you disheveled and even dusty. And let’s be honest, it’s not the most enjoyable job to get down your car for a wheel change. Let our skilled crew work out the challenge for you using your spare tire. 


Although it rarely happens, your car might suddenly stall. Don’t stress yourself on how to have it moved to a garage. We’ll provide you with complimentary towing to a certified Volkswagen service center for quality repair and genuine spare parts. Our roadside assistance also comes in handy after a collision. Whether it’s a minor or major car crash, we’ll tow the car to a nearby Volkswagen-certified service center at no cost.

Gas Delivery

Running out of fuel and can’t find any gas station around? Through our roadside assistance program, we’ll deliver emergency fuel wherever you are. Get this complimentary service up to five times a year.

What should I do while I wait for roadside assistance?

Regardless of where the car breakdown takes place, it’s vital to maintain your safety and that of other motorists. To prevent accidents, do the following steps:

  • Make use of hazard warning lights. A high-visibility vest, warning triangle, and lights should remain visible.
  • Call our roadside assistance hotline to get help.
  • Don’t stay on the roadside. For personal safety, stay behind the car or a barrier.
  • Assemble towing rope and other items needed for towing.

Do you have to drive a Volkswagen to buy VW Roadside Assistance?

Drivers whose Volkswagen cars are bought in the US could benefit from our roadside assistance program. The cover only works for pre-owned and new Volkswagen vehicle owners.

How long does Volkswagen Roadside Assistance last?

Roadside assistance lasts the first three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, for new Volkswagen vehicles sold in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Volkswagen car owners whose cars have expired the coverage period or distance don’t qualify for its renewal. However, they can get similar covers from a preferred third-party coverage provider. The roadside assistance cover extension only applies to certified pre-owned vehicles, which get an additional two years’ cover.

Roadside Assistance Limitations

The primary objective of a roadside assistance cover is to offer rapid help to get you out of the predicament safely and fast. However, there are limitations to what this service can do. They include:

  • In all repairs that are not covered by the car warranty, the owner is subject to labor costs.
  • In breakdowns caused by fitting accessories that are not approved, the service will only be limited to towing to an authorized Volkswagen repairer. You won’t enjoy additional benefits.
  • If the vehicle is overloaded at the time of a breakdown, you’ll not enjoy free load continuation. 

Our Cancellation Policy

Although you can’t transfer your Volkswagen roadside assistance cover to another vehicle, you can cancel at any time. A seven days’ notice is required for the request to go through.

Get covered with Volkswagen Road Assistance today

Whether you want car service, towing, or breakdown assistance, Volkswagen of Marion is your perfect outlet for help. You can trust us to provide you with round-the-clock roadside assistance. Schedule your Volkswagen car service or call us today for an excellent road assistance cover.